Introduction of PM-WANI

Shine Broadband welcomes you to a great world of opportunities to monetise the unutilized bandwidth available at your premises by becoming a Public Data Office (PDO) under the PM WANI scheme of Government of India.

PM WANI or the Prime Minister’s Wi-Fi Access Network Interface is aiming to bring large-scale deployment of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country to drive up connectivity options and improve digital access. Empowerment of the public Wi-Fi data service through the data offices could make more people connected to Internet at large, just as telephone access was expanded by STD public telephone offices over the past three decades.

As a PDO aggregator Shine Broadband is in a set mission to make low-cost internet accessible to the public with the participation of Government institutions, private organizations, travel agents, tour operators, hotels, resorts, parks, libraries, shops etc where there is a public gathering/crowd of visitors.

Benefits of becoming a PDO includes

We highly recommend that you install a Wi-Fi modem at your front office and make internet accessible to all who visit your office without any KYC related complications or cyber security related data storage and auditing issues. By partnering as a PDO, you could also become a part of the national vision of Digital India and propel the connectivity penetration of internet to the rural and urban locations that leads a propelled GDP growth of the nation.

Low Cost

Just a PM WANI complaint modem with internet from any ISP is the only requirement.

No KYC of users required

User validation & KYC are maintained in the Central registry of C-DoT.

Quick Access

Easy enabling of customers on flexible tariff plans at a per GB usage rate.

Revenue Opportunity

Utilizing the existing modem and unutilized bandwidth.